I have various producers from all around the World helping me produce karaoke tracks promoting NZ and Australia music on Karaoke also international artists as well

Our aim is to take Karaoke in NZ and Australia to a whole new level

Licensing: I’ve gone through the major brands in Nz and Australia and pointed me to Apra. So all royalties will be paid to Apra. For the International Artist I go through easy licensing they do a copyright check and send me a report if it can be done or not so far I haven’t been let down. You can send through requests to me I’ve got over 2000 songs on order so a bit of a wait but they will be done. We can do any song as long as we can get those songs licensed we can do them

All sound recordings are produced by:

Hikaiti Witika, Tony T, Barry Muir (All NZ) Y Musiq (Australia) Aleksander Calinan (Venezuela), Milan Botica (Black Rose Band NZ), Eddie Tuala (Samoan Producer), Rynel Gutierrez (Phillipines)

Paris Music has produced one for me as well from UK

We are such an awesome team and everyone produces from their own home or studio sends it through to me and I produce the Karaoke. 

We own the copyright to the sound recordings and each producer get’s paid accordingly which is a separate deal to the normal copyright to the writers and producers etc

If you want to be part of something huge and you produce your own backing tracks and happy for them to go on Karaoke please contact me

In time we will bring on more and more people to help produce the Karaoke Tracks

VIC Karaoke Productions is under the banner of VIC Entertainment Ltd

The whole aim of this venture is to take politics away from Karaoke. Apra charges performing rights who pay for the Songwriters and producers etc the bars pay for that. I’m not charging anything extra. I just want to bring fun back into Karaoke without all the politics. Some say I’m a rebel. Yes I am I stand up for what I believe in. So I pay the royalties you don’t have to pay extra to me or my team. My brand of Karaoke is with the Operator in mind

If I’ve missed anything I’ll rectify it. All I asked is no sharing, giving away on selling. I’ve kept tracks reasonably priced and discount through vouchers so if you purchase vouchers from 5 up these are already at the discounted rate up to 500 songs

So let’s go out there and have some fun again

Happy Singing


Hikaiti Witika